The Debt

Still from 'The Debt'

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Marton Csokas, Sam Worthington and Jessica Chastain all play Mossad Nazi hunters, sent out to grab the ‘Surgeon of Birkenau’ who did terrible things during WWII. The story then picks up 30 years later at a book launch by Helen Mirren character’s daughter about her escapades in Germany.

Unfortunately the whole thing is built on a tiny little lie, which means Mirren gets to do her retired spy thing again (although not in quite the same way as RED).

The only problem I had with the film were the accents. There is no doubting that the entire cast does not come from Israel.

They all slip up at some point and it can at times pull you back from the film just enough to break the tension in some moments. The worst culprits have to be Sam Worthington, who ends almost every sentence in an Australian manner, and Helen Mirren, who just drops in the occasional word in every other sentence in perfect English.

Some may wonder why wouldn’t you use actors who were actually Israeli, but of course there aren’t many famous Israeli’s. Well, out of Israel anyway. I imagine there are some very good Israeli actors, I just haven’t seen them. Or if I have seen them, I haven’t been aware that they were Israeli.

There are some parts of this film that don’t work as well as the rest, but overall it’s a good watch unless you like Nazi’s, at which point the tone of the film will be way off for you.