How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

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The transition from stage to film is usually quite a straight one, with the confines of the stage transferred to the locations used in the film. This sometimes creates a quite claustrophobic film, with all the action only happening in a few simple locations.

Luckily, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, or HtSiBWRT (hʌtˌsaɪbˈwɜːɹt) manages to stick to this trend, with 90% of the action occurring in the offices of the ‘World-Wide Wicket Company’. It’s unclear what this company does, but apparently they make wickets, which must be very profitable considering the number of staff they have.

Buying the book ‘How to Succeed in Business’ starts window washer J. Pierpoint Finch’s path up the career ladder, and using some somewhat dubious means he begins a rapid climb through the company, with many songs along the way.

The film has a good pace, with only the middle section of the film lagging slightly when they introduce the romance element. Today the film comes across as quite sexist, with women only being secretaries and the ‘attractive’ one being as dim as a stick. The choreography also comes across quite dated, with not one person spinning on their head.

This isn’t a film for those who aren’t musical fans, but if you like them HtSiBWRT is an entertaining watch.