Shot from 'Super'

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When I read about Super, my first thought was another  ‘normal people turn themselves into superheroes’ story? That sounds an awful lot like Kick-Ass, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to think it. In direct comparison, Super doesn’t stand up so well.

Rainn Wilson (him from the office) plays a man who psychologically breaks after his wife leaves him for Kevin Bacon, and after a few questionable visions deecides that his only course of action to win her back is to become a superhero, and fight the crime that took her away. Oh, Kevin Bacon is a drug dealer. So is therefore crime.

Of course, being an overweight, unfit middle aged man, his results are less than amazing, but then he starts using a wrench.

Whilst looking for inspiration he meets comic book store worker Ellen Page, who plays a ‘kooky’ character, works out his identity and becomes his sidekick. Together they begin a mission to fight crime, and get him back his wife.

EXPLOSIONS, the end.

The violence in this is quite realistic, and made me actually wince, like it was actually happening, for actuals real.

It’s an entertaining film, but the middle section is a bit of a drag; plus there is one particular scene where Rainn Wilson is crying which made me sigh. He’s not built for sobbing, he looks like a melting frog.