Wild Cherry

Rumer Willis, Tania Raymonde and Kristin Cavallari in 'Wild Cherry'

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I’m not actively searching out films with the word Cherry in the title, but I spotted this the day after watching Cherry and thought I might as well have a look.

Three girls find out that the school football team have a book which contains a list of all the girls that are still virgins in their year, and they have to sleep with all of them, otherwise the team will definitely fail.

Everyone knows that if there is a tradition, sporting success is directly proportional to the number of virgins in your year. True story.

On discovery of this ‘Bang Book’, the girls decide to steal an idea from the play Lysistrata, and with some help from a strange half-teacher/half-bookshop owner make a secret pact to withhold all their bodily wonders from the boys so they learn a lesson.

They get up to all kinds of hilarious japes, including a scene involving a carrot and a Dad making a salad, and a disgusting use of a ice-cube tray.

Most of the acting is fine, but special mentions to Kristin Cavallari, who acts more convincingly than when she was being herself in Laguna Beach, and Rumer Willis, who in this film successfully proves that acting skills are not completely genetic.

In effect, it is the opposite of American Pie, but without as many jokes.