The Shop Around the Corner

Still from 'The Shop Around the Corner'

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When it comes to James Stewart and Christmas films, people always seem to think of It’s a Wonderful Life, so I thought I’d do the really cool thing to do, and choose a different Christmas film that he was in. It isn’t strictly a Christmas film, as only the end of it is at Christmas time, but I’m going to say that it is.

SO; here is a Christmas romantic comedy. Not entirely about Christmas, as I’ve said before, but enough about Christmas to say that it is a Christmas film. Starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan. The Shop Around the Corner is about two people who work in a shop dislike each other, not realising that they are in fact falling in love through anonymous letters they are sending to each other.

Fans of You’ve got Mail will feel right at home here, because that film is a modern day retelling of this story. Looking back at You’ve Got Mail now is laughable of course, no-one uses AOL any more.

It’s good, the script skips along at a good pace, and the supporting cast are enjoyable, with William Tracy’s Pepi actually making me LOLalittle. Obviously the film has aged slightly in the last 70 years, but none of the jokes seem to be affected by that.

You can spot the ending 10 minutes into the film, but that’s the same with all romantic comedies. It’s not about the destination, it’s how you get there.

Quick paced, good jokes, happy ending. What more do you need for Christmas?