Sixteen Candles

Birthday cake in a window from Sixteen Candles.

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Ah, the 80’s. Being an 80’s child, I definitely remember them well. Which is why this was the first time I’ve ever seen this film.

All in all, it’s a good film. Classic mix of party, prom, issues and actors much older than the characters they are playing that we’ve come to expect from teen films.

It does seem a bit corny in places, especially with all the KERAZY sound effects that are thrown in over the top, and the Asian exchange student ‘Long Duk Dong’ not only has a slightly racist name but every appearance on screen is followed by some sort of generic far east music sting. But I guess that can all be passed off as LOL THE 80’S!!!1!

The only thing which I really can’t get my head around happens quite late in the film, when ‘the jock’ wants ‘the geek’ to drive his girlfriend home. She’s very drunk and both of them being sober, agree that the geek can take her home, and do whatever he wants. That’s right, date rape in the 80’s was OK. And now it’s frowned upon. HEALTH AND SAFETY GONE MAD.

And yes, he was credited as ‘the geek’. Just another ploy to make his rapes more difficult to track.

Screenshot of Anthony Michael Hall as 'The Geek' from IMDB