The Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe waving an axe about in 'The Woman in Black'

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I remember when I was younger I watched a TV series called Messiah, which scared me so much I spent the night awake in bed, terrified of the dark, unable to turn the light on because I believed a severed burnt arm was lying across it.

In contrast, I didn’t even dream after watching The Woman in Black. It’s a film that manages to make you jump, but be entirely un-scary.

The film consists of a series of mysterious noises, which Daniel Radcliffe goes to investigate, while the music builds up to a crescendo. He finds out where the noise is coming from, things get quiet…


Close up of scared face, repeat.

It’s still a good story though, and the acting is all passable. And although it isn’t really scary, it will get your blood flowing.

It’s an adrenaline shot of a film.