Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen in '50/50'

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Unfortunately for some, this isn’t an in depth dramatisation of the 90’s British children’s game show, but rather a comedy about a man getting cancer. Actually; no it isn’t. It doesn’t ever go HE GOT CANCER LOL. It’s more a comedy about the situations that arise because of the diagnosis of cancer, which really is the better route to take. No matter how hard some people try, cancer itself isn’t funny.

The main character, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt has an over-protective mother, an artist girlfriend and a sex-obsessed best friend, who all deal with the news of this diagnosis in different (and I imagine authentic) ways. The script doesn’t glorify those who are playing the cancer patients, but treats them respectfully, as normal people who are fighting to get healthy again.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt does his acting thing, and comes across as convincing when his emotions are called upon. There are some points where it’s not clear whether the character is meant to be a blank slate or whether he just couldn’t be bothered that day, but these are minor moments in the film, outweighed by the majority.

Seth Rogen manages to successfully reprise the role of the same person he plays in every film, and much to the same standard. So make of that what you will. Anna Kendrick is a young trainee therapist and I have to admit her interactions with Joseph Gordon-Levitt were some of my favourite moments of the film, being equally heart-warming and entertaining.

Written by Will Reiser (who based the film on his own experiences), 50/50 is a film that manages to balance the dramatic and funny perfectly, the end result being a film that will leave you feeling good for the rest of the day. At least.