21 Jump Street

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street

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Before this film, I’d never even heard of 21 Jump Street, but apparently it was a pretty big deal. It did have Captain Jack in, so I guess whoever told me that was right.

21 Jump Street is a story of two high school enemies becoming friends years later. It may sound similar to the beginnings of a romantic comedy, but instead of falling in love they become police partners instead. From what I can tell, it’s almost the same thing.

After an unsuccessful policing attempt involving a high speed bike chase, they get sent undercover to high school because Young Neil died taking a new never before seen drug. Apparently students dying is frowned upon, so the police decide they have to send some people in to sort it out.

I could tell you the plot and how it plays off the fact that high school was different in the 90’s and people brought up in that era would struggle to find their correct position in high school today, but that would be boring, so I’ll just tell you that I laughed many times. And I imagine if you like funny things, you will too.

So go and watch it, and smile for once, grumpy guts.