Everything That Happens in Skins Series 6

Promo shot of the cast from Series 6 of Skins

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When Skins first came along it was popular because it was considered ‘different’. It wasn’t the first time teens in television had been given a show that portrayed them as more than ‘children of main characters’, but it was the first one that made it look like fun.

Unfortunately, now we’re in Series 6, and there are a lot more shows that are teen driven, and Skins hasn’t really done anything to change itself. It felt like Series 5 was trying so hard to be like Skins, that it almost became a parody of itself.

From what I can tell people seem to like the cast that they were closest too in age most, which is probably why the first and second series were best, and if you don’t agree, you’re wrong.

I’ve plugged what has already happened to them, and what has happened to other people in the prior series, into the big storyline-o-matic I keep in the basement and the results are in. Here are my predictions for what happens in this season of Skins.

Of course, this being the last series for this set of characters, it wouldn’t be complete without a major character dying. Two or three episodes from the end. Quite likely one who has just recovered from something, or fallen for another character.

However, if the pregnancy isn’t the result of a sexual assault, it will be the mother or the father. During the childbirth. Probably in slow motion.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Series 6 of Skins.