Harriet’s Guide to Cool – Fashion

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I vaguely remember the first time I met Harriet. It was many years ago now, back in the last decade.

I’m almost certain at least one of us was drunk, and she sidled up to me with a look in her eyes which suggested she knew something.

She did know something. She vaguely knew who I was. I can’t remember the exact connection now, but I remember that there was an awareness of being. Of course I went with it, by that point I was used to being recognised, because I’m SUCH A BIG SHOT.

Anyway, as the years passed by, our paths failed to cross more than a few times. It turns out she’s gone on to do better things than most, the latest of which is this video for BBC Comedy Online.

As comic fashion guides to Shoreditch go, this one is certainly the only one I’ve seen. So therefore it’s the best.

Wonderfully awkward. WATCH IT.